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Dirty South Drums

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Top Rap Beats Sole Here At I Declare Music

Full Throttle Beats

Baby Making Beats

Culture Pop Beats Vol.1

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Instrumentals Beats

R&B Pop Star Vol.1

EarDrum Beats

The Grim Reaper

Loops And Sample Hip Hop Beats

Pop Shock Vol.1

Bank Head Dirty South Beats

Butt Naked Dirty South Beats

This section lists  some of the top beats bought and downloaded from I Declare Music.

This is only a random order form All of I Declare Music Sample CD’s

And Rap Beats

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The ultimate collection of west coast, east coast, dirty south, club, pop, r&b rap beats bundle

thousand’s and thousand’s and thousand’s of samples sounds and beats

Need rap beats or RnB instrumentals to get that music demo ready for auditioning? Need background beats for your lyrics during your live performance and music studio projects? Well now it's your time to shine! The big deal on 4 bundle packs of our rap beats. you will never need a rap beat or sound, once you buy one of the set of loops and sounds.

Hip Hop Misc. Sounds/Videos

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